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Frequently Asked Questions

What does internodal spacing mean on a plant?

Internodal Spacing. Definition - What does Internodal Spacing mean? The stem of a plant is made up of nodes. The nodes connect the leaves of the plant to the stems. Internodes are the spaces between the plant’s nodes. The internodal space dictates how tall the plant’s stems will ultimately grow.

What does the length of the internode tell you?

That’s because the length of the internode can tell you a lot about the conditions the plant is growing in. When a plant is overcrowded and needs to get additional sunlight, it will produce extra gibberellins and auxin in the upper growth regions.

Why are the internodes on my plant so short?

Cold temperatures, particularly during specific growth stages, can also cause shorter internodal spacing. Similarly, intense light radiation will cause the photodestruction of auxin, leading to shorter internodes and small plant height.

Why does my grape plant have low internodal spacing?

Most perennials, like the deciduous and woody grape vine, produce and store carbohydrates in their roots to produce shoots the following year. If these carbohydrate levels are low, the plant will subsequently show poor growth and closer internodal spacing.

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