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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Introhive do for a small business?

Introhive’s unique blend of solutions – working collaboratively with CRM, marketing automation and BI technologies – allows the platform to service some of the largest brands in the world, while still helping small and mid-sized businesses flourish with the help of AI powered relationship intelligence and CRM automation.

What does Introhive do for Your CRM system?

"Introhive makes the process of keeping information in CRM up-to-date a lot easier, because mundane tasks and manual data entry become automated for users and professionals. The net result for our global deployment is that Introhive has added huge value to all of our market-facing PwC professionals."

Where can I find the Introhive privacy policy?

The Introhive Privacy Policy can be viewed at We build and deliver secure software solutions applying internationally recognized security methodologies and best practices throughout the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

How many hours of admin time has Introhive saved?

“Introhive’s automation capabilities alone have saved over 78,000 hours of admin time across our 300 active advisors this year. Without Introhive, advisors would have less insights into client accounts and would be required to manage more manual processes, which would further hurt our adoption of CRM.”

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