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Frequently Asked Questions

What is investinvestors hub?

Investors Hub, or iHub as it is often known among the ‘cooler crowds’ is one of the leading message boards for investors online.

Is investors hub the largest message board?

In fact, The largest message board online. There are close to 150 million posts on the site with a shade under 700,000 users posting them. There are other features to Investors Hub, which I will come to later on, but for the most part, just think of it as a huge message board.

Is investors hub's Stock Screener the best Stock Screener?

The stock screener is the most exciting feature Investors Hub provides. The stock screener is easy to handle, and key metrics can be added, changed and removed with a mouse click. It is not the best stock screener but an interesting free stock screener. Day traders and penny stock scalpers should take a look at Trade Ideas.

Who are the best penny stock traders on investors hub?

Tim Sykes is one of the best-known penny stock traders. Most investors use those stocks for momentum day trading and scalping. Some hold it longer term, but short term investments are the primary intent. Investors Hub is best for penny stock traders being aware of the risk of trading those stocks.

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