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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use kodular companion for Android apps?

Just drag and drop blocks and your app is done Kodular Companion allows apps creators using Kodular to live test their apps, without having to export and compile the app! Just download it, connect it with the builder and your app will be shown in this app. Save lot of time live testing your app.

What is the name of the companion server?

The standalone Companion server populates this with the value of the COMPANION_AWS_SECRET environment variable by default. The name of the bucket to store uploaded files in. The standalone Companion server populates this with the value of the COMPANION_AWS_BUCKET environment variable by default.

What can a client do for You?

The Raider.IO Client can act as your personal dashboard for your characters, allowing you to quickly review the progression of each of your characters, so you can know where to focus your time.

Where does the benevolent companion come from Dota 2?

This item was made as a result of Io coming in second place in The International 2016 's Arcana vote. This item's design is based on the Weighted Companion Cube from the Portal series. The particle effects for Relocate matches the entrance and exit portals from the Portal franchise.

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