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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latest iOS update for the iPad Air 2?

The Air 2 has supported seven iOS updates and currently runs the latest iPadOS 14 –talk about longevity. Over 2 million iPad Air 2 models were sold during its two year production that ended in early 2017.

How long will an iPad Air 2 last?

Apple stopped selling the iPad 3 when the 4 came out, but still kept selling the 2. OP: I believe that with the 2GB of Ram and Tri-Core processor, the Air 2 will last for several years.

When did the iPad Air 2 come out?

The iPad Air 2 was announced during a keynote on October 16, 2014, and was the first iPad to feature Touch ID. The theme of the keynote was "it's been way too long". The Air 2 began arriving in retail stores on October 22, 2014.

Should you buy a used/refurbished iPad Air 2?

Since you can no longer buy a new Air 2, the only option is used/refurbished. Apple devices like the iPad are remarkably durable and buying refurbished is a great way to find a "like new" device that will last you many years to come. It's a good value, too: When the Air 2 was originally released, the models ranged from $500-$700.

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