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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the YouTube app not downloading on iPad Mini?

HHi, just bought new iPad minis and downloaded latest 8.1 and now cannot download YouTube app. in App Store the app is greyed out which usually means I dont have the latest iOS. He lp please! 1. Try reset iPad.

How can I get YouTube on my iPad?

You'll need to download the current Youtube app to a computer running iTunes, and then from the Purchased Tab in the App Store App on the iPad download it to the iPad. It will tell you its not compatible, but offer to download a compatible version instead.

Is the YouTube app compatible with the iPad?

Whilst the YouTube App is not compatible with your iPad (the App requiring an iOS version greater than your iPad can support), you may be able to view YouTube content via this portal website:

Is there a YouTube app for iOS 5?

YouTube will not work with iOS 5 at all any more. Short answer is no. Google updated their version that will require a newer OS. Are you on an original iPad? If so, your only option is to use the YouTube website. Actually the previous answers are not entirely accurate.

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