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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best stylus for iPad?

Best Overall: iCrews Capacitive Stylus Pens for iPad, Android Tablet 10 Pack View on These styluses constructed from the industrial grade rubber. It is one of the top sellers of styluses on Amazon. Just like most of the styluses, it is compatible with any touchscreen devices that are touchable by fingers.

How do you pair an Apple Pencil to an iPad?

To pair your Apple Pencil with an iPad Pro, take the Pencil’s end cap off to reveal its Lighting connector. The Lightning connector plugs directly into the bottom of your iPad Pro when in need of a quick charge, but it also initiates the pairing process the first time you plug it into your iPad Pro.

Can you draw on an iPad with a pen?

Using a stylus pen to draw on your iPad can be a great help when creating digital art, allowing you to produce images using the same skills you would use to create a pen-and-paper drawing. However, the iPad's touchscreen cannot recognize input from regular pens. Rather, you must use a pen with a specially coated nib, known as a capacitative stylus.

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