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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my Apple Pencil lagging when taking notes?

Ensure that the tip of your Apple Pencil is screwed on tight. It only needs to slightly loosened to cause issues. I’m using First gen Apple Pencil. It seems to be lagging when I do split screen with notes and safari

Why won't my Apple Pencil write on my iPad?

I'd recommend a reboot (not restart) of the iPad, which will close everything you've got open and then see if normal writing with the pencil returns. Is this Apple Pencil 2 (attaches to the side of your iPad to charge) or Original Pencil, which charges via lightning port? Ensure that the tip of your Apple Pencil is screwed on tight.

Does the refresh rate of the pencil affect the latency?

The latency of the pencil has nothing to do with the refresh rate of the screen. You may perceive a lag but the actual latency will still be 9 ms. 26 Share ReportSave level 2 · 1y Sure, the pen-to-ipad latency will still be 9ms, but since the screen is running at 60hz, you'll have a pen-to-eyes latency of at least 16.6ms.

Does the touch screen lag ever go away?

However the lag isnt completely gone, it still kicks in specific circumstances, especially when doing straight diagonal motion with whole hand from left center edge to right top of the screen with the palm resting and moving at the same time it happens almost everytime. I updated to Ios 11.0.3 and I was able to finish my work so thank you.

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