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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name IRB mean?

An institutional review board (IRB), also known as an independent ethics committee (IEC), ethical review board (ERB), or research ethics board (REB), is a type of committee that applies research ethics by reviewing the methods proposed for research to ensure that they are ethical.

What is the purpose of an IRB?

Purpose of an IRB. The primary purpose of Lane's IRB is to protect the rights and welfare of human subjects used in federally supported research done through Lane Community College.

Which statement best describes the role of an IRB?

- FDA states that IRB has the authority to approve, require modifications in (to secure approval), or disapprove research. This group review serves an important role in the protection of the rights and welfare of human research subjects.

What does the acronym IRB stand for?

IRB stands for “Institutional Review Board”. The IRB is a committee established to review and approve applications for research projects involving human subjects. The primary purpose of the IRB is to protect the rights and welfare of the human subjects.

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