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Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect from Irma?

Irma is expected to produce total rainfall accumulations of 4 to 8 inches with isolated maximum amounts of 12 inches across the northern Leeward Islands, the British and U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. These rainfall amounts may cause life-threatening flash floods and mudslides.

How bad was Hurricane Irma?

Fast facts: Hurricane Irma Irma made landfall over the Florida Keys as a Category 4 hurricane the morning of Sept. ... At its peak, Hurricane Irma was a Category 5 with wind speeds of 177 mph. 6 million Florida residents evacuated coastal areas. 129 direct and indirect deaths were caused by Hurricane Irma. It is the fifth-costliest hurricane to hit the mainland United States.

What does irmaa stand for?

The acronym for that extra charge is IRMAA, which stands for Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amount. This year the income threshold is $85,000 for individuals and $170,000 for couples filing joint tax returns.

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