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Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Rizzoli and Isles cancelled?

“Rizzoli & Isles” is the latest cancellation from TNT, but at least they’ll get a final season – even if it is shortened to 13 episodes. Their fellow shows “Legends,” “Public Morals” and “Agent X” weren’t so lucky. All were canceled due to low ratings last month, Variety reports.

What are the Seven Isles?

Seven Isles (Fort Lauderdale) The names of the seven isles are Aqua Vista (which means "Water View" in Latin ,) Barcelona (after the city in Spain ,) Castilla (a feminine noun of the Spanish word " Castle " or "Castillo,") Del Mar (which means "Of the Sea," in Spanish,) De Sota (which is a feminine form of the Spanish conquistador,...

What is the definition of Isles?

The definition of an isle is an island, particularly a small one. An example of an isle is one of the tiny islands in the island nation of the Philippine Islands.

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