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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the full meaning of ISO?

ISO is an acronym that means "in search of" and is often used in classified ads and want ads. It is used for communicating that you are looking for something or someone.

What exactly is ISO?

ISO is a camera setting that brightens or darkens a shot in the most basic sense. Your images will get more brighter as you increase the ISO setting. As a result, ISO can assist you in capturing photographs in low-light situations or allowing you to be more flexible with your aperture and shutter speed choices.

What does ISO mean anyone?

What is an ISO? By definition, "ISO" stands for "Independent Sales Organization" and is a formal designation that a company must have in order to sell credit card processing services under its own company name.

What is ISO certification, who needs it?

ISO certification provides customers and organizations with the verifications they need to be confident of the information management controls and quality processes of an entity. Certification means that an entity has been evaluated and found to conform to ISO standards.

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