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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose isolved user experience?

A better employee experience, by design. Click Here For First Look At iSolved User Interface In today’s mobile-first world, apps and software need to make work easier for employees. But many struggle with disjointed systems that don’t provide a great user experience. Welcome to iSolved’s personalized user experience, a [more]

Why manage with isolved people cloud?

Manage and strengthen your talent with highly configurable reporting and multi-level performance management capabilities, easily pull compliance reports or perform multi-level performance reviews (peer-to-peer, direct reports, etc.). isolved People Cloud technology is the answer for all your HCM needs. Benefits have never been so easy!

How does isolved work with carriers?

In addition, isolved connects with carriers to ensure all life events are property communicated to the carrier — on time. isolved enables you to collect, manage and process time to more effectively manage your employee time and attendance data.

How do I enable isolved |go on my mobile device?

On your Android/Apple smart phone, open the application store and use the search term “iSolved” or “iSolved Go” to find the application. Select the option to install this application. Once you have downloaded and installed iSolved |Go, please open it to proceed. Enabling iSolved Access with iSolved |Go

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