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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in to isolved?

Enter your iSolved password in the Passwordfield. 3. Click on the Loginbutton to log into the application. The user name entered here can be remembered by the application by enabling the Remember Meoption.

What are the requirements to use isolved go?

All users must exist in iSolved as self-service users with the appropriate permissions to use the features of the application. Note:The system accepts login from Employee Self Service users only. Client-level iSolved user information will not be accepted as a login for iSolved GO.

Why manage with isolved people cloud?

Manage and strengthen your talent with highly configurable reporting and multi-level performance management capabilities, easily pull compliance reports or perform multi-level performance reviews (peer-to-peer, direct reports, etc.). isolved People Cloud technology is the answer for all your HCM needs. Benefits have never been so easy!

How do I update my information in isolved HCM?

Once you have logged into iSolved HCM, your name and current date/time will be displayed on the upper left hand side of the screen. From this menu, the following areas can be selected:  View Paystub  Update My Information  Change Tax Withholdings  Time Off Balances  Time Off Requests View Paystub

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