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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an issue with?

ISSUE, pleading. An issue, in pleading, is defined to be a single, certain and material point issuing out of the allegations of the parties, and consisting, regularly, of an affirmative and negative. In common parlance, issue also signifies the entry of the pleadings.

What does issue mean?

issue noun. A point in debate or controversy on which the parties take affirmative and negative positions; a presentation of alternatives between which to choose or decide. Etymology: From issue, eissue, feminine past participle of issir, itself from exeo, from prefix ex- + eo. issue verb.

What is the definition of issues?

The definition of an issue is something that is discussed, distributed or the offspring of someone. An example of issue is the subject of abortion.

What is a synonym for issue?

Synonyms for Issues: n. •effects (noun) Fruits, effects, events, Eventualities, aftereffects, wakes, results, outgrowths, offsprings, outcomes, upshots, consequences, sequences. •exits (noun) effluxes, egresses, outlets, departures, runoffs, exoduses.

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