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Frequently Asked Questions

How many airports does Istanbul have?

Istanbul has two international airports, Ataturk International Airport and Sabiha Gokcen International Airport. Hezarfen is also Istanbul's internationally registered, first private airport.

What is the closest airport to Istanbul?

The nearest major airport is Istanbul Atatürk Airport (ISL / LTBA). This airport has flights and is 18 km from the center of Istanbul, Turkey. Another major airport is Istanbul Airport (IST / LTFM), which has international and domestic flights and is 40 km from Istanbul, Turkey.

How long is the flight from Turkey to Istanbul?

Flight time from Istanbul to New York is 11 hours 30 minutes. Non-Stop flight duration from IST to JFK is 11 hours 30 minutes (Operated by Turkish Airlines)

What is Istanbul known for internationally?

Answered December 23, 2019. Istanbul is famous for so many things! I think internationally it is best known for its history.Besides the Ottoman and Byzantine history, which is visible in the tourist area of the city, there is ancient history that predates Abrahamic religious history.

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