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Frequently Asked Questions

How many doors can an Istar edge G2 control?

iSTAR Edge G2 is a powerful, cyber-hardened IP edge access control device that provides reliable, stand-alone physical access control for up to four doors. Its optional Power over Ethernet (PoE) module provides ample power for two doors and allows iSTAR Edge G2 to leverage existing network infrastructure to reduce installation costs.

What does the ISTAR panel do for access control?

The iSTAR panels are the hardware controllers that interface with access control card readers, locks, and other physical security hardware. They may be configured into clusters with a single master controller communicating to the iSTAR host and store a local version of the access control database so they can continue to operate during a

What is the firmware version of Istar cure 9000?

C•CURE 9000 version 2.02 and later with iSTAR firmware version 5.1.7 and later. This manual is proprietary information of Software House. Unauthorized reproduction of any portion of this manual is prohibited. The material in this manual is for information purposes only.

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