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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Istar edge G2 for edge access control?

iSTAR Edge G2 is a powerful, cyber-hardened IP edge access control device that provides reliable, stand-alone physical access control for up to four doors. Its optional Power over Ethernet (PoE) module provides ample power for two doors and allows iSTAR Edge G2 to leverage existing network infrastructure to reduce installation costs.

Why choose Istar door controllers?

The suite of iSTAR door controllers provides powerful, network-ready solutions for enterprise-wide access control. Featuring advanced encryption and backup communication paths, the iSTAR design is among the industry’s most reliable and secure.

What is an IP-ready door controller?

An IP-ready door controller available in two-reader PoE Plus solution. Offers highly distributed, small site security that controls up to 8 doors and 8 IP cameras. An IP edge access control device with a strong feature set to secure any door.

How many inputs does a 2 door access control system have?

Basis of a 2-door access control system with 16 supervised inputs. Manages communication between the EntraPass software and the door controllers. A simple and convenient solution suitable for smaller applications. A low cost, two-door controller that Interfaces third party readers.

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