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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the ISTAR Ultra support the IP-ACM Ethernet door module?

Page 17 * The AUX power and whichever reader power is used, are limited to a total of 1.5 Amp. The iSTAR Ultra also supports the IP-ACM Ethernet Door Module as an alternative choice for an ACM. The IP-ACM can be powered by either 12V supply or Power over Ethernet (PoE).

How is the ISTAR ultra installed?

Types of Mounting The iSTAR Ultra and its components can be installed in a wall mount enclosure or in a separate rack mount enclosure. Requirements Site Requirements Ensure that the site is ready: The iSTAR Ultra installation must be performed by a certified installer. Directly below the upper mount holes.

Is Istar a registered trademark of Sensormatic?

REVISION C0 C•CURE 800/8000®, and apC® are registered trademarks and iSTAR is a trademark of Sensormatic. Certain Product names mentioned herein maybe trad e names and/or registered trademarks of other companies.

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