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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about iStart software?

iStart is a software application that targets Windows browsers, causing them to open advertising sites without user permission. iStart also changes a number of browser settings in order to generate more ads and to keep tabs on the user’s online activities.

What do you need to know about iStart for international students?

iStart is our international student portal! New international students use iStart to complete the Glo-Bull Start process. The Glo-Bull Start checklist is designed to guide students through all of the tasks they must complete as a new international student at USF.

Where can I access my iStart account at?

You can access your iStart account at . ISS began using iStart in June of 2018 and we are continuing to add functions and e-forms to the software for our F-1 international students to use. We have compiled a list of common questions: When can I access iStart?

What does the search bar on iStart do?

iStart Search Bar is a rogue search engine installed in the browser by the iStart search browser hijacker. iStart Search Bar seeks to monitor user searches and redirects them to sponsored content, which could sometimes result in the system’s exposure to malware.

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