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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Istation support teaching?

Thousands of lesson plans, automated tools, and flexible resources help educators customize instruction and support diverse teaching approaches, including small- and whole-group learning. Istation Cards provide tips and tools that help teachers gain insight into student data and more.

How do I update my student's Istation account information?

On the "Report and Management" homepage, select a classroom in the Istation Home box. "Select All" or select individual students listed to enable parents to log in to the Istation Parent Portal Web site from home to see limited reports and resources using their student's Istation account. Click "Update."

How do I install Istation on a school computer?

To install Istation, you must be logged in with administrator permissions. A simple installation is performed from our downloads. There are no CD-ROMs to install or school-based servers to maintain. Administration for schools is virtually nonexistent.

What is Istation network administrator?

Network Administrators. Istation employs a proprietary communication protocol designed to minimize Internet bandwidth usage when run by multiple students simultaneously in a school.

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