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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Istation available in New Mexico?

Istation has been awarded a statewide contract with the New Mexico Public Education Department. Under the terms of the agreement, Istation will provide its formative assessment — known as ISIP™ — to New Mexico district and charter-school students in kindergarten through 3rd grade. ISIP will be available in both English and Spanish.

What is Istation ™?

Istation is an award-winning, comprehensive e-learning program used by more than four million students and educators around the world. Educators love how Istation helps students grow. Students love that Istation makes learning fun. We love making personalized learning easy!

Does Istation offer formative mathematics assessments?

As part of the 2021-22 contract, Istation's formative mathematics assessment for kindergarten through grade 2 will also be available. What are Istation’s assessments?

What is Istation network administrator?

Network Administrators. Istation employs a proprietary communication protocol designed to minimize Internet bandwidth usage when run by multiple students simultaneously in a school.

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