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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Isip math and Istation math?

ISIP™ Math (Istation’s assessment for pre-K through 8th grade) and Istation Math (instruction for pre-K through 5th grade) assess and teach foundational skills for student mastery of mathematical concepts, such as:

How does Istation math work?

Families and guardians have 24-7 access to easy-to-use supplemental home instruction outside traditional school settings. Guided by research that focuses on the development and validation of formative assessment systems in mathematics, Istation Math is built on the idea that students need immediate, specific feedback to continue to learn and grow.

What do you like most about Istation?

Lots of things. iStation is the biggest wealth of knowledge EVER about your child’s reading gaps and strengths, and I love a good data point. For us teachers who are data junkies, iStation is like a dream come true. You’re gonna love it, too.

What grade level is Isip math?

ISIP Mathis designed in a testing format that is familiar to most students in grades 2–8. Each item contains a question stem and four answer choices. As with ISIP Early Math, ISIP Math provides teachers and other school personnel with easy-to-interpret, web-based reports that detail student strengths and deficits.

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