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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the scores on The Istation assessment?

Istation assessments provide two notable scores: the ability index and percentile rank. The ability index generally provides the student’s overall reading ability as a number that matches the student’s performance within an instructional Tier level. The Tiers are described as follows: Tier 1: Students performing at grade level

How does The Istation program work for students?

The program does WORK however to improve students reading ability, assuming they are putting forth the effort when they log in. It has less of a “game” experience to it. If your school has implemented iStation correctly, students with a greater need of reading support will spend more minutes on iStation than a more advanced reader.

What does Istation's indicators of progress ( Isip ) early reading?

ISIP™, Istation’s Indicators of Progress, Early Reading (ISIP Early Reading) is a sophisticated, web- delivered Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) system that provides Continuous Progress Monitoring (CPM) by frequently assessing and reporting student ability in critical domains of reading throughout the academic years.

How often do you take The Istation test?

Within iStation is an ISIP progress monitoring test. It only takes 20 minutes and happens once per month. It’s a way to get a very quick and clear picture of how the student is growing (or not).

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