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Frequently Asked Questions

How to setup an API key?

An API key Setup Clone the repository to any local folder. Create a .envfile in the folder with the following contents: BOT_TOKEN=[token] ITAD_KEY=[key] Replace [token]with your Discord bot token. Replace [key]with your ITAD API key. Finally, run the following commands: $ npm install $ node lib/index.js Features !help

How to use playnite isthereanydeal plugin on Git?

GitHub - Lacro59/playnite-isthereanydeal-plugin: This plugin get IsThereAnyDeal in application database from store wish list. Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL.

How does ITAD identify games by store ID?

ITAD identifies games by plain (string). This endpoint will try to fetch a plain for you by store game ID, URL or title. The more information you provide the better the chance to successfully fetch plain. Identification is done in following order:

Which is the version of the API endpoint?

All API endpoints are versioned. Version is denoted by letter v and number, like v01 for version 1. Zeroes are optional and it doesn't matter whether you use v1 or v0001. We prefer two digit format.

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