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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Isthmus Cove?

Contact Harbor Patrol on VHF Channel 09. The village of Two Harbors is a short walk on flat terrain from the dock. A shuttle is available on summer weekends. With 242 moorings, and anchorages for well over 100 vessels, Isthmus Cove is second only to Avalon Harbor in boating activity on Catalina.

Where can I find moorings in and around two harbors?

Moorings in and around Two Harbors are operated by the Catalina Island Company. Moorings are leased to private parties and rented when available. Boaters can reserve moorings in the following areas: View a map of Two Harbors moorings. Click to view information on Two Harbors Mooring Reservations & Fees.

How many moorings does buttonshell Cove have?

Buttonshell Cove has 7 moorings and anchorage for 10 boats. Camp Fox, located onshore, is a YMCA summer camp facility leased to the Catalina Island Marine Institute. Located just south of Long Point is Hen Rock, featuring 25 moorings and anchorage for 40 boats.

Where can I find mooring on Catalina Island?

View Avalon Mooring Webcam. Located at Catalina Island's east end, over 360 mooring sites are available in Avalon Harbor, Descanso Bay and Hamilton Cove. All moorings are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

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