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Frequently Asked Questions

Where did the Republic of Isthmus get its name?

Likely deriving its name from the geographical term 'Isthmus', describing a strip of land that connects two larger bodies of land (and separates two large water bodies), the Republic of Isthmus was located in an unspecified region of Central America.

Why are isthmus important sites in the world?

An isthmus is a narrow strip of land that connects two larger landmass es and separates two bodies of water. Isthmuses have been strategic locations for centuries. They are natural sites for port s and canal s linking terrestrial and aquatic trade route s. Isthmuses are also key site s for communication s...

Where does the Isthmus of Suez connect Africa to Asia?

The Isthmus of Suez in eastern Egypt connects the continents of Africa and Asia, and separates the Mediterranean and Red Seas.

Is the Republic of isthmus based on a true story?

For the location of Licence to Kill co-producer Michael G. Wilson created the Republic of Isthmus, a banana republic based on Panama, with the pock-marked Sanchez bearing similarities to General Manuel Noriega.

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