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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to get an iStock account?

Access iStock from the Adobe® Creative Cloud®, Dropbox or Sketch to simplify your workflow. Single user license with legal protection up to $10,000. Add multi-user license, get additional rights, or extend legal protection up to $250,000.

How do you become a contributor on iStock?

Becoming an iStock contributor is relatively easy. First, you need to submit 3-6 images. After they pass the quality test, you can start uploading more photos. The iStock technical standards are not that high, so most of your photos will be accepted.

When did Getty Images merge with iStockphoto?

In 2006, Getty Images acquired iStock (formerly known as iStockPhoto). While iStock maintained its autonomy, for the most part, contributor programs were merged. Now, you can only apply for the iStock contributor program via the Getty Images contributor program.

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