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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a vector image of a peacock?

Peacock. Vector background Vector image of a peacock. peacock stock illustrations Luxury background vector. Peacock feathers fan royal pattern seamless. Golden vintage design for yoga wallpaper, beauty spa salon ornament, bridal shower, indian wedding party, holiday christmas card.

What can I watch with peacock or peacock premium?

What can I watch with Peacock vs. Peacock Premium? With Peacock, you can stream hundreds of hit movies, iconic TV shows, current NBC hits, and Peacock Channels 24/7, plus daily live news, late night, and pop culture to satisfy your FOMO.

How much does Peacock cost for a month?

with Peacock Premium, Only $4.99/Month. Watch Peacock for Free or Unlock Everything with Peacock Premium, Only $4.99/Month. with Peacock Premium, Only $4.99/Month.

What are some interesting facts about a peacock?

10 Feathery Facts About Peacocks 1. Only the males are actually “peacocks.” 2. A family of peafowl is called a “bevy.” 3. They’re not born with their fancy tail feathers. 4. They don’t have to be killed for their feathers. 5. They can fly, despite their massive trains. 6. There are all-white peafowl. 7. Peacocks were a delicacy in medieval times.

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