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Frequently Asked Questions

What does iStorage do for Structured Storage objects?

The IStorage interface supports the creation and management of structured storage objects. Structured storage allows hierarchical storage of information within a single file, and is often referred to as "a file system within a file". Elements of a structured storage object are storages and streams.

Can you rent a storage unit from iStorage?

Select, rent & store—contact-free. iStorage is proud to offer secure and friendly self-storage units to our communities. You can expect high-quality features like secure gate access, online leasing, contact-free rentals, and customer service that works 7 days a week.

How does the setclass method work in iStorage?

The SetClass method assigns the specified class identifier (CLSID) to this storage object. The SetElementTimes method sets the modification, access, and creation times of the specified storage element, if the underlying file system supports this method. The SetStateBits method stores up to 32 bits of state information in this storage object.

How does the commit method in iStorage work?

The Commit method ensures that any changes made to a storage object open in transacted mode are reflected in the parent storage. Copies the entire contents of an open storage object to another storage object. Creates and opens a new storage object nested within this storage object with the specified name in the specified access mode.

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