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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I log in to ivylearn?

IvyLearn at Ivy Tech. Over the next few months you can return to this page get the most up to date information about the transition from Blackboard to Canvas - which we will be calling IvyLearn. IvyLearn will be used for all classes in the Summer 2017 semester and beyond. Faculty and staff, you can log in to IvyLearn now at

What is the difference between Campus Connect and ivylearn?

· IvyLearn is the student portal to access your course information, syllabus, and online coursework. Note that the new portal for the College, MyIvy, has replaced Campus Connect and IvyLearn has replaced Blackboard Ivylearn Login.

What is orientation orientation at Ivy Tech?

Ivy Tech Orientation Orientation at Ivy Tech is your chance to learn where important places are around campus (i. e. library, bookstore, etc.), meet your classmates, find the perfect places to hang out, study and much more.

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