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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Phenix's ski jackets?

Years of lab and field testing are put in to each ski jacket, pant, and race outfit using only the most high-end and technical materials available on the market. Phenix's ski jackets are known for their superior fit and waterproof performance.

What is the Phenix Norway alpine team olpympic ski jacket?

The Norwegian Alpine Ski Team races in the most high pressure, athletic ski events in the world and skis in Phenix ski wear. The Phenix Norway Alpine Team Olpympic Ski Jacket is one of Phenix's premier jackets.

Why choose the Phenix brand?

Phenix’s. mission is. to create skiwears that react to movement and is comfortable under the harshest conditions. ABOUT. Phenix is a well and long established brand from Japan, introducing top class products, entrusted and beloved by top class athletes and general users around the world.

When was Phenix founded?

Established in 1953 the company was originally named Ohtori, but later took on the name Phenix after the legendary mythical bird representing the progressive mentality of the company.

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