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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Jackson Health System Miami?

Jackson Health System in Miami, Florida is a nonprofit academic medical system offering world-class care to any person who walks through its doors.

What is myjacksonhealth?

What is MyJacksonHealth? MyJacksonHealth is a private web portal designed for you to access your personal medical information, making it easy to stay connected and manage your health. How much does it cost?

Who is the CEO of Jackson Health System?

Jackson Health System's current President and CEO is Carlos A. Migoya. ^ "In Record-Setting Year, Miami Organ Transplant Hub Performed Most Transplants in US". ^ "ACGME Report Download".

Why work at Jackson?

Every day, through a combination of compassion, accountability, respect, and expertise, our staff makes miracles happen. At Jackson we know that the best results in health come from working with the best people.

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