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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Jamaica flag represent?

The Jamaican flag represents the beauty and wealth of the shining sun with the color gold, hope and agricultural resources of the land with the color green, and the creativity and strength of the Jamaican people with the color black.

What do the colors in Jamaica's flag mean?

The national flag of Jamaica was adopted the 6 of August of 1962 that was the day of the independence of the country. It is made up of green, yellow (gold) and black. The black symbolizes the strength and creativity of the Jamaican people, the yellow in the light of the sun and the natural wealth of the country.

What colors are associated with Jamaica?

Green, yellow and black are the colors of Jamaica, green, yellow and red are the colors of the rastas. But most often, when you buy souveniers, like bracelets, jewelry and crafts that are painted, they use the red, green and yellow.

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