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What happened in January and February 2017 in the NFL?

January saw the inauguration of President Donald Trump … and a counter-demonstration, the Women's March, in Washington and other cities, the very next day. In February, the Patriots scored a come-from-behind Super Bowl win over the Falcons. Are Tom Brady, Bill Belichick best NFL quarterback, coach ever? (CBS News, 02/05/17)

What happened during hurricane season 2017?

Hurricane season in 2017 was particularly brutal for the southeastern U.S. and Caribbean. Hurricane Harvey left a path of destruction in Houston and surrounding areas of Texas as well as Louisiana. Record-breaking downpours left entire towns underwater, including small farm communities like .

What happened in the month of October 2017?

Also that month, Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston and much of the rest of the Texas Gulf Coast. September brought two more hurricanes -- Irma to Florida, and Maria to Puerto Rico, where roughly half the population is still without power. October saw the Las Vegas concert shooting that killed 58 people and injured more than 500 others.

What were the key moments of 2017?

From increased tensions with North Korea, to a hurricane season unlike any other, to the bombshell allegations of sexual misconduct in Hollywood and beyond, take a look back at the key moments of 2017, as they were reported by NBC News.

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