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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened January 26 1779 in Georgia?

January 26, 1779 at Burke County, Georgia The 120-man Georgia Patriot militia rallied at the Burke County Jail to stop the British advance. They knew that the jail would be a target for the British.

What happened at Fort Morris in 1779?

In January 1779, the British force had returned to Sunbury by water. Fort Morris was then under the command of Maj. Joseph Lane of the Continental Army.

What happened at the Battle of Vincennes in 1779?

After a daring wintertime march, the small American force was able to force the British to surrender the fort and in a larger frame the Illinois territory. On January 29, 1779 Francis Vigo, an Italian fur trader, came to Kaskaskia to inform Clark about Hamilton's reoccupation of Vincennes.

What happened in the Battle of Sunbury 1779?

Januaru 6-9, 1779 at Sunbury, Georgia On January 6-9, a 3-day siege of 2,000 British and Indian forces, commanded by Maj. Gen. Augustine Prevost, captured Sunbury and its 200-man Patriot garrison. Casualties were light on both sides.

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