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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the birthstone for the month of January?

January Birthstone Color. The birthstone for the month of January is the garnet, which means that red is the commonly accepted January birthstone color. It signifies trust and friendship, which makes it a good gift for a friend. The word garnet comes from the Latin word granatum, which means pomegranate.

What is the gemstone for January birthday?

Garnet The birthstone for January is garnet. Garnet occurs in every color of the spectrum, except blue. Traditionally, the deeper shade of red is considered 'garnet'. the birt…hstone of January is the garnet Garnet It is ruby January's birthstone is called the Garnet. it is garnet.

What is the most expensive birthstone?

At first glance, diamonds would appear to be the most valuable birthstone, representing the month of April. Crystal clear or tinted with color, diamonds are imbued with deep meaning and associations of love, loyalty and fidelity. But their monetary worth depends entirely on the cut, number of carats and quality of the individual stone in question.

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