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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you resolve DNS?

Power cycle your modem and router. This will clear your router's cache and thus may resolve DNS errors. To do so: Unplug your modem's power cable as well as your router's power cable. Allow both your modem and your router to sit for at least 30 seconds. Reconnect your modem and wait for it to come back online.

How do I change the DNS settings in chrome?

To change the DNS settings on your Chromebook, first head to the the Chrome menu, choose Settings > Internet Connection , then click your network name. Then head to the Network tab and choose Custom name servers. You can enter in the following details from DNS Watch, which advocates for data privacy.

What are my DNS settings?

Locate the DNS settings of your local network connection on your computer. Click "Start" from the system tray located at the bottom of the screen. Click "Control Panel" located in the right-side pane of the resulting window. Click "Network Connections" from the Control Panel.

What is a DNS check?

The DNS Checker. At the heart of DNS Check is a DNS record checking tool, which compares the DNS records that you enter to what DNS servers are returning in response to queries. If there's an issue, the record checking tool will enable you to quickly identify it.

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