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Frequently Asked Questions

How are informed search algorithms used in javatpoint?

At each point in the search space, only those node is expanded which have the lowest value of f (n), and the algorithm terminates when the goal node is found. Step1: Place the starting node in the OPEN list. Step 2: Check if the OPEN list is empty or not, if the list is empty then return failure and stops.

Which is the greedy first algorithm in javatpoint?

The greedy best first algorithm is implemented by the priority queue. Step 1: Place the starting node into the OPEN list. Step 2: If the OPEN list is empty, Stop and return failure. Step 3: Remove the node n, from the OPEN list which has the lowest value of h (n), and places it in the CLOSED list.

Which is the best topic for an AI tutorial?

In this tutorial, we have also discussed various popular topics such as History of AI, applications of AI, deep learning, machine learning, natural language processing, Reinforcement learning, Q-learning, Intelligent agents, Various search algorithms, etc.

Which is the best definition of Super AI?

Super AI is a level of Intelligence of Systems at which machines could surpass human intelligence, and can perform any task better than human with cognitive properties. It is an outcome of general AI.

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