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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install Django in Python?

To install Django, first visit to django official site ( and download django by clicking on the download section. Here, we will see various options to download The Django. Django requires pip to start installation. Pip is a package manager system which is used to install and manage packages written in python.

What is the use of Django framework?

Django is a web application framework written in Python programming language. It is based on MVT (Model View Template) design pattern. The Django is very demanding due to its rapid development feature. It takes less time to build application after collecting client requirement.

What is todotodo app in Django?

Todo App in Django Project idea – The project involves the building of a todo application. In a todo app, a user can keep track of all the things he/she is planning to do and create a list. They can then update the list when the task is completed.

How do I create a view in Django?

# Create your views here. Set a URL to access the template from the browser. Execute the following command and access the template by entering localhost:8000/index at the browser. Django template uses its own syntax to deal with variable, tags, expressions etc.

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