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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Basic Python?

BASIC to Python. This is a quick primer, mainly for ex-BBC BASIC programmers moving to Python, although others may find it useful. Python is a clean, simple and elegant language which provides fairly direct equivalents to most BASIC statements, but for more advanced users also goes far beyond that.

Which is better, Java or Python?

Java is not better than Python and vice versa. They both are different languages in different domains. Python is dynamic, interpreted, duck-typed language while Java is static, runs on a VM which use JIT. Python is easy to learn as compared to Java.

What are the advantages of Python over Java?

Advantages of Python over Java:Why Learn and Use Python first Syntax. First of all, Python doesn't use the semicolon. ... Simplicity/Verbosity. Take a look at the 'Hello world' program of Python and Java. ... Productivity. Coding in Python boost developers' productivity. ... Speed. All of the advantages of Python mentioned above come at a price, Python scripts run slowly. ... Python has voluminous libraries. ...

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