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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about JB Hifi?

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of JB Hi Fi (JB)’s strategic management and operations. The current global uncertainty over recent months have provided a challenge for the retail sector and this report will address strategies JB implemented which allows them to continue growing.

Who is the boss of JB Hi Fi?

JB Hi-Fi boss Richard Murray has warned shoppers to expect stock shortages on televisions and other electronics for the foreseeable future. JB Hi-Fi's sales growth appears to have slowed in the second quarter but the company has still pulled off a good result.

When did JB Hi Fi go public in Australia?

Introduction JB Hi-Fi is an Australian specialist electronics retailer that commenced operations in 1975 and was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2003 (JB Hi-Fi 2014a). In 2012, the company sought to capture a share of the home appliance market by trialling an expansion into consumer whitegoods (JB Hi-Fi 2012).

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