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Frequently Asked Questions

What does JB Hi Fi stock in Australia?

JB Hi Fi stock Australia's biggest range of TVs, computers, tablets, games and consoles, music, movies, phones, musical instruments, white-goods and appliances at competitive prices.

Why did JB Hi Fi have a self audit?

The partnership followed a FWO investigation the previous year that identified time-keeping problems had led to underpayments at a JB Hi-Fi store. JB Hi-Fi conducted a self-audit involving a total of 337 employees from 22 stores across its network in the first year of the partnership.

What did JB Hi Fi do to improve workplace practices?

JB Hi-Fi reported that the underpayments arose due to time-keeping errors and found no underpayments of hourly rates, penalty rates or loadings. The partnership led to JB Hi-Fi enhancing its workplace training of managers and staff, and implementing a new online time and attendance system.

When did JB Hi Fi sign a compliance deed?

The Fair Work Ombudsman has published a report on its compliance partnership with Australian home entertainment and consumer electrical retailer, JB Hi-Fi Group Pty Ltd. JB Hi-Fi signed a proactive compliance deed with the FWO in 2014 that committed it to a range of measures to promote workplace compliance across its business.

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