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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jeepspeed racing?

Jeepspeed developed relationships with race promoters like MORE and Best in the Desert to create a five to seven race Jeepspeed racing series each season. The class has since expanded into four divisions and opened up to other Jeep and Dodge vehicles.

What is The Jeepspeed Cup? described it was the largest grassroots racing class in America in 2008. Jeepspeed Cup - Intermediate Class 2700 -' is for Jeep and Dodge vehicles that maintain the original appearance and profile. The original bulkhead must be retained together with the original cab floor from bulkhead to rear of driver and passenger seat.

How do I apply for a Jeepspeed membership?

The Jeepspeed Membership Application can be completed online. We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer the new Sticker Kit for the 2021 season. We continue to partner with Sign Pros to provide a uniform and cost effective package that will ensure we meet the demands of our sponsors.

What is a stock class Jeep?

Get Started Racing Jeepspeed! This is the most popular and affordable class, often referred to as the Stock Class. Vehicles in this class must be Jeeps and use components readily available to the general public and are allowed limited options for modification.

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