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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Jelly flavor?

Abby Mainwaring Berry Blue. Aaand we have a winner! ... Sizzling Cinnamon. Gif courtesy of Beware: this one has a bit of a kick. ... Juicy Pear. Juicy Pear is listed as one of the "Adult Faves" on the Jelly Belly website. ... Island Punch. ... Watermelon. ... Strawberry Jam. ... A&W Root Beer. ... Peach. ... Margarita. ... Wild Blackberry. ... More items...

What are all the flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans?

The company's signature product, the Jelly Belly jelly bean, comes in more than 50 varieties, ranging from traditional flavors like orange, lemon, lime, and cherry, to more exotic ones like cinnamon, pomegranate, cappuccino, buttered popcorn, and chili-mango.

What is Jelly Roll material?

Jelly rolls are a collection of quilting cotton materials which co-ordinate together. Jelly rolls are pre-cut pieces of materials which are 2.5 inches by 44 inches in stripes. The term Jelly Roll was invented and trademarked by Moda Fabrics. You can also buy a pack called a charm pack which works in the same way as...

What is Jelly Roll fabric?

Jelly Roll is a term coined by the Moda company for rolls of fabric that measure 2 ½" in width. These strips are cut across the width of the fabric and vary from 42" - 44". There are generally 40-42 strips in a Jelly Roll, but this can also vary, sometimes you may get 44 strips. A Jelly Roll of 40 gives you approx. 2¾ yards of fabric.

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