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Frequently Asked Questions

What is authentic football jersey?

In plain context, an authentic NFL jersey is what the pro football players wear on the field. The Nike Elite is about as close to that as you can get, and it’s what every fan wants. (Note: in the context of this article, authentic refers to any NFL jersey that is produced by a company that is officially licensed by...

Where can you buy cheap jerseys?

Chinabrands is one of the leading online markets for cheap wholesale jerseys. They have wholesale markets in more than 200 countries of the world including China, Malaysia, Canada, the US, and the UK.

What are authentic jerseys?

The main feature of an authentic jersey is that the name of the player, logo of the team, and the number of the jersey are embroidered on authentic jerseys. Authentic jerseys are a little expensive, but they are also the ones that give that real feeling.

When is team jersey day?

GOAL Jersey Day is our flagship fundraising campaign, when staff and students in businesses and schools nationwide don their county or club GAA colours, soccer or rugby jerseys, in an effort to raise much needed funds for GOAL. This year GOAL Jersey Day is scheduled to take place on 11th October 2019.

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