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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Jetstar fly to and from Japan?

These include: Tokyo Sapporo, Osaka, Fukuoka and Okinawa with 20 Airbus A320s flying to 17 routes across 11 domestic destinations, plus two routes to Hong Kong and three to Taipei. Jetstar Japan is a subsidiary of Jetstar, an Australian low-cost airline (self-described as "value based") headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

Who is the company that makes Jetstar flights?

Jetstar Airways Pty Ltd, ABN: 33 069 720 243. Jetstar Asia Airways Pte Ltd, BRN: 200403570D. Jetstar Regional Services Pte Ltd, BRN: 201229688K.

Who is the Chief Executive Officer of Jetstar Japan?

Masaru Kataoka was appointed Chief Executive Officer and Representative Director of Jetstar Japan in September 2017. Prior to this Masaru had been Jetstar Japan’s Chairman and Representative Director since April 2015. Masaru joined Jetstar Airways in August 2006 where he worked as Jetstar Group’s Regional General Manager for Japan.

When did Jetstar start flying from Tokyo to Hong Kong?

On 7 April 2015 Jetstar Japan announced the first international service from Tokyo with the commencement of service between Tokyo Narita International Airport and Hong Kong International Airport with an initial 3 weekly flights commencing from 1 June 2015 building to daily service from 1 September.

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