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Frequently Asked Questions

How to register as an employer on

Register as an Employer on 1 Go to 2 Click " Not Registered Yet? " under the sign in box. 3 Under "Option 3 - Create a User Account", choose Employer. 4 Follow the prompts by providing your organization's: Federal Employer ID Number (EIN) / Federal Tax ID (FEID) UI Employer Account Number

What should I do if unable to log into my jobs4tn account?

To be certain, click this link. To be certain of all credentials, select “Option 3 – Forgot User Name and Password.” This will allow you to retrieve your username and set a new password. Be sure to select " Individual " and after the page refreshes, click the Next button.

Where can I find a job in Tennessee?

In addition to taking job orders directly from Tennessee employers, the system continually searches through the web sites of local newspapers, recruiters, hospitals, and government sites to pull in all the best jobs. Jobs noted with a star are job orders posted directly by Tennessee employers in

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