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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of guitar is Amos Flying V?

Vinage guitars and the vibe that surrounds them many times is the story and history behind them as much as the tone and playability. Such is the story of the original Gibson “Amos” Korina Flying-V guitar.

Where did Amos Korina play his Flying V guitar?

The 1958 Flying V landed back on the counter at Arthur’s Music Store last month along with a photo of store founder Amos Arthur playing the guitar in 1958. It was a Friday afternoon when Bonamassa and his friends walked through the front door of Arthur’s Music.

Is the Bonamassa guitar the same as the original?

And according to Bonamassa, the guitar is exceedingly close to the original. “You guys at Epiphone nailed it. From the moment I opened the case at my house, all I had to do was look at it and I said, ‘OK, we're good!’

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