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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Johnson Manufacturing Company?

Our Tradition Since 1909, is also Our Future! Johnson Manufacturing Company has played a key role in the development of environmentally friendly Fluxes, Lead-Free Solders and specially engineered Tools. It all began with Johnson Soldering Fluid over 95 years ago, safer then, as now because it contains no free acid.

Why choose Johnson Manufacturing Company for soldering?

Today more than ever before, Johnson Manufacturing Company is poised to provide your company with correct Soldering Solutions!

Who is Johnson&Johnson?

We are a diversified company specializing in the manufacture, marketing and distribution of quality U.S. made products since 1943. Johnson's line of specialized tillage equipment is well known as the leader in raised bed tillage tools.

Where is the Urbana facility located?

The 175,000 square foot facility in Urbana, Ohio is conveniently located near two major trucking lanes, east of US 75 and north of US 70.

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